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Three Generations of Family @ Veckridge

On June 12th, 1949 Ernest Veca made his first deposit with the Trust Company of New Jersey and Veckridge Chemical was officially open for business.

Soon after leaving Standard Oil, Ernest began marketing bleach he diluted himself in the cellar of his family's home in Jersey City. Even in 1949 Veckridge Chemical knew that the way to win a customer's trust was to exceed their expectations; Ernest would load up the family station wagon and run cases of bleach up and down the stairs of local tenements and hand deliver cases to the local grocery stores.

In 1981, Ernest sold the company to his six children; Dorrine, Margaret, Mark, Robert, Thomas, and Josine. The company grew to over $34M in sales under their stewardship.

Today, we are in our third generation and just as committed to serving the customer as we were in 1949. We have invested heavily in digital capabilities to provide value to our customers and we have grown to market over 1,000 molecules in packages ranging from 5 gallon buckets to railcars and everything in between.



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EHS, Sustainability, & Quality @ Veckridge

We believe that ehss & q are the building blocks of long term success. That's why we are proud to be a part of NACD's Responsible Distribution program, an iso9001 certified company, and carry product lines that are certified by the NSF and the Orthodox Union.

Responsible Distribution

Veckridge Chemical has been a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) since 1991 and a practitioner of Responsible Distribution for as long. This means we are committed to continuous improvement in our policies and programs as they pertain to the health, safety, and security of our employees, our environment, and our communities. The NACD Responsible Distribution program includes a rigorous independent third party audit of our quality manual, written programs and procedures, internal records, and physical facilities. Like ISO9001, it also requires a robust internal audit program to ensure continued compliance with the program requirements.


Veckridge Chemical's daily operations and business practices are guided by our internal quality management system, which in addition to NACD RD, also meets the ISO9000 standard. ISO9000's Quality Management principles are Customer Focus, Leadership, Engagement of People, Process Approach, Improvement, Evidence Based Decision Making, Relationship Management, and Risk Management. In addition to those principles, Veckridge emphasizes safety, compliance, community and product stewardship, and employee development in its management program.


The National Sanitary Foundation, or NSF logo is an internationally recognized mark that indicates a product is safe and healthy. Veckridge is proud to carry a full line of drinking water chemicals certified to the NSF ANSI60 standard. Be it corrosion or scale control, dechlorination agents, pH adjusters, or oxidants, Veckridge is proud to bear the NSF's mark on its line of drinking water chemicals.

Orthodox Union

The Orthodox Union is the world's largest and most recognized Kosher certifying body. A mark from the OU is a mark of quality because it recognizes the most rigorous certification process available for kosher products. Veckridge Is proud to work with the OU on its kosher product line. Conctact us today to inquire about our kosher chemical line for your production facility!