Family Owned Distribution

Veckridge Chemical has been family owned since 1949. In that time, the company has grown to the point where we can support our customer's needs at any volume while remaining as flexible and customer oriented as we were when we were founded back in 1949. Want to learn more about why Veckridge is the right distribution partner for your business?

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Our Suppliers

The business has been able to grow and stay strong thanks to our great network of suppliers. Veckridge Chemical is proud to represent some of the biggest names in the chemical industry, including BASF, Innophos, Mitsubishi, Arkema, Olin, Occidental Chemical, and others. Looking for a producer specific product? Check below to see if we represent their portfolio. 

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Our company relies on our size and our relationships to make sure we can be flexible to meet your needs. This means being reliable above all else. Veckridge Chemical realizes that running a business is a stressful endeavor, so we strive every day to ensure that we make your life as simple as possible. See what our customer's say about Veckridge at the link below.

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