Our Services

We deliver on our mission to make our customers better because of our service offerings; be they conventional supply chain activities like inventory management & order fulfillment or modern solutions like self-service customer portals and automated workflows built to satisfy your company’s internal requirements.


Inventory Management

Veckridge Chemical Company is a full service supply chain partner, unlike other distributors that are sales organizations in disguise. We constantly update our supply and demand models with input from our customers so we can avoid disrupting your plant.

Freight Management

Our dedicated freight desk and contracted rates with some of the largest LTL carriers in the country means you can offload your logistics processes onto our team. This allows your organization to focus on value added tasks for your customers.


Veckridge is your sourcing specialist. We augment decades of experience and relationships with tech so we can find the manufacturers of almost any chemistry in the world, not just indexed commodities, so you’ll never be far removed from the source.

Reporting and Transparency

Our reporting and transparency is targeted at suppliers as much as our customers. We can provide industry leading dashboards and reporting based on any variable you might be interested in custom tailored to your business.